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Bonica Video Light G8V15

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Bonica Video Light G8V15
- Video Light utilizes 6 LEDs and precision reflective optics to eliminate “Hot Spots” .
- output at full power: 1500 lumens.
- Operates on 8 x AA size NiMH rechargeable batteries with a roughly 60 minute of burn time at full power when using 2700mAh batteries.
- 60 degree beam wide coverage with no noticeable hot spots.
- Continuous dimmer control from 100% to 10% brightness
- Unerwater Depth rated to 180 feet.
- MSRP $399 not including batteries

Based on the research we have done, the $399 MSRP is still currently the best for underwater video light with those features. The operating cost is also the lowest, because:
1. Bulb Replacement - The brightness is comparable to a 60W halogen or a 20W HID, but the LED has an operating life of 50,000 hours and most likely would never need replacement during the life time of the diver, while the halogen and HID bulbs hve to be replaced after several hundred hours, and they are expensive to replace.
2. Battery Replacement - Li-ion batteries are many times more expensive to replace than NiMH batteries. The AA-size is readily available and inexpensive to replace.

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