Underwater & Waterproof Cameras & Accessories

Underwater Cameras, Waterproof Cameras & Accessories

Caving? Diving? Snorkeling? Mountain Biking? Surfing? Running? Swimming? There is a waterproof tough camera for your every need! At Cameraverse we stock an extensive range of Underwater cameras, Waterproof Cameras & Accessories for you to choose from. We also have full gear kits to get you going so that you can be sure you have all the equipment that you need.

What Camera and Photography Equipment do I need for Underwater Photography?

Compacts vs. DSLR Waterproof Cameras

There are compact cameras, mirrorless, and DSLRs. After shooting with a compact underwater camera, many people consider switching to a mirrorless or a DSLR. The advantages of using a mirrorless or a DSLR are lens choices with superior optics and different focal lengths, better image quality from a larger sensor and reduced shutter lag and focus delays. These are huge advantages, and shooting with a DSLR is quite an experience. However, a compact camera can sometimes take shots that rival a DSLR shot, and the DSLR advantages of shutter lag and focus delay can be less important with non-moving subjects.

The most notable difference between a compact camera and a DSLR or mirrorless camera is that a DSLR or mirrorless can take different lenses, while a compact camera has one attached lens. This big difference limits the flexibility of a compact camera, although, wet lenses can help bridge this distance to some extent.

Overview of the gear you need for amazing underwater photos

1) Decide whether you are getting a compact camera or a DSLR. If you are unsure, go the DSLR route

2) Lenses are the key to making good photographs and are often the most important choice you can make in underwater photography. A good collection of lenses is not an insignificant investment and lenses are often useful for many years and many upgrades to your camera system. Make sure you get good glass (another term for a lens). Get a good macro lens and/or a good WA lens, depending on where your interest lies. These lenses should last you forever, and will not lose their value.

3) An external underwater strobe, also known as an underwater flash, is very important in underwater photography. It allows you to reduce backscatter and enables you to try different lighting options. After a camera housing, it should be your first purchase. Get 1 or 2 good strobes (Underwater Flashes). If you are only shooting macro, you can get away with one but 2 is preferable. Strobes will also last you a long time.

4) Ensure that you get an underwater housing, camera body, and ports. Keep in mind that camera bodies and housings can depreciate fairly quickly. Ideally, you will also choose a top-notch housing, camera body, and port because then they will last longer.

5) Possibly one of the most important gear items is an Underwater bag. It is crucial to purchase a protective case to make sure your equipment is safe during transport. Of course, don’t forget to protect and maintain your underwater equipment as well.

What other Accessories should I buy?

Above I have listed the main accessories that you will need. Some other Underwater, Waterproof accessories you should consider are:
• arms
• TTL converters
• sync & fiber optic cords
• focus lights.

It is ultimately YOU who captures the magnificent scene!

Some of the gear I have listed above will definitely make the job easier. But you, the photographer, still have to do the majority of the work. In the end, get the gear you need, buy the best that you can, and focus on the process of photography, the creative processes, and know that your gear will serve you well.

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