Spy Cameras / Spy DVRs

Welcome to Q Branch. Hidden beneath the Cameraverse store is our secret lab filled with spyware, nanny cams and spy cams of every description, hidden camera devices and equipment. Knock three times on the door beneath the stairs, utter the secret password and enter. 

Search our catalogue for the best deals in home or office surveillance at the best online prices. Home or office security need not cost a fortune, nor require expensive installation. Devices concealed among your stuff or hidden in plain sight may record continuously, be remote control activated or motion activated – even at night. Some products are wireless / WiFi (battery operated) or plug into the wall, while others are portable and go where you go. All our items are new. 

Cameraverse has a wide variety of surveillance equipment for your home or office, even outdoors. Our mini surveillance cameras come disguised in a variety of everyday items – fully functional, no less- so that no-one will suspect they contain a hidden camera:

  • stationery – pen, pocket cell phone case, nondescript black box, keychain, cam stick;
  • clothing - baseball cap, button camera;
  • clothing accessories – handbag, eye glasses, sunglasses, wrist watch;
  • disposable products – bottled water, disposable coffee cup;
  • kid’s toys – soft toys (dog or monkey), canvas wall hanging;
  • home appliances - coffee pot, air conditioner fan, smoke detector, DVD player, Blue-ray DVD player, docking station, WiFi Router, Bluetooth  boom box;
  • décor items - stand-alone air freshener dispenser, flower / fern display, tissue box, wall clock (analogue), digital clock, weather monitoring station, digital thermometer;
  • sundry items – DVD movie case, Blue-ray DVD movie case, wall outlet adapter, USB adapter;
  • outdoor products – electrical outlet (with timer), bird house. 

Do you need to secretly record activities at your home or office; monitor what’s happening (or not happening) while you’re not around? Our online products are easy to install and don’t look out of place among your regular things. At Cameraverse you will find a selection of discreet mini-spy gadgets to suit your every need. Become your own undercover secret agent or private detective. Whether it’s to watch the cat or dog getting up to mischief while you’re away from the house, observe a rare bird visiting your garden, or an employee or visitor at your office acting suspiciously… for all your covert security requirements – if you need it, we’ve probably got it.