Spy Audio Recorders

Welcome to Q Branch. Hidden beneath the Cameraverse store is our secret lab filled with a range of spyware equipment, including audio and voice recorders. Knock three times on the door beneath the stairs, utter the secret password and enter.

Search our online catalogue for the best deals in security and spy equipment. If you would like to record the sound of a bird visiting your garden, or for whatever other reason you might have, then take a look at our range of products to find the best deal that suits your needs.  If you’re planning to be the next David Attenborough and you want to catch those garden critters as they go about their normal business, then you’re in the right place.  Home or office security need not cost a fortune, nor require expensive installation. Cameraverse has a wide variety of surveillance equipment for your home or office - even outdoors.

At Cameraverse you will find a selection of discreet mini-spy gadgets to suit your every need. Become your own undercover secret agent or private detective. For all your covert security requirements – if you need it, we’ve probably got it.