Wireless Remote Controllers & Shutter Releases

Here at Cameraverse we are all professional photographers and we understand how essential remote controls and shutter releases can be in your photography, particularly with long-exposure shots. There are a number of action cameras such as standard DSLR’s, like Sony’s Alpha series, which include Wi-Fi based remote control systems as an added feature. An excellent advantage is that these can often be accessed and controlled via cell phones and other mobile devices.

Remote controls are especially useful when you want to take group photos with yourself in the frame. There are, of course, scenarios where you would absolutely have to use a remote control to ensure your safety such as certain close-up wildlife scenes. Like all things in photography, there are different types of remote controls which work best in specific scenarios and of course there is your personal preference. Typically we find wireless remote controls and those that connect to the camera via a cable. Most controllers have a cable that connects to the camera's remote control terminal, whether the controller is wired or wireless.

Wired remotes:
With these remotes, the controller plugs into the terminal which gives you an operating range of about 2 - 2.5ft. Extension cables can be bought to extend this range.

Wireless remotes:
With these remotes, the transmitter and receiver units are separate with the receiver unit connecting to the camera’s remote control terminal through its own cable.

There are 2 types of wireless remote control systems:
• Remote controllers that use an Infrared Beam
• Remote controllers that use an RF link (Radio Frequency link).
The remote controllers with the Infrared link need a direct line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver in order to take your shot – nothing can block this otherwise you won’t be able to take your shot. RF links don’t have these limitations.
There are so many additional features available in the various remote controllers like single, continuous and timer-delay shooting modes adjusted directly from the controller and some even include options for controlling time-lapse shooting.

We recommend that you include the below accessories in your photographic kit:
• Remote Switch Remote
• Remote Control Tripod
• Remote Commander
• Remote Commander & IR Receiver Kit
• Wireless Remote Set
• Multi-Function Remote Cord
• Time Remote
• Transceiver Active Shutter 3D Glasses
• Selfie Kit with Bluetooth
• Universal Wireless Shutter Release