Lens Filters

Cameraverse has a wide range of highly specialized photography lens filters for sale at competitive prices for all your photography needs. We understand how essential a camera lens filter is for you to have as part of your photography gear. You will find an excellent diverse choice of lens filters here to suit your every need. We stock new, refurbished or second-hand products and we often get fantastic bargains from our suppliers. This allows us to pass these sale prices on to you.

There are countless variations of camera digital filter lenses available that we stock at Cameraverse. 

A few types of Camera Lens Filters:
• Clear filters - eg. Nikon 77mm Neutral Color NC Filter
• UV filters - eg. Hoya Pro1 37mm UV
• Neutral density filter & Graduated Neutral Density Filter - eg. B+W F-Pro 502 Graduated ND 49mm filter

Benefits of using a Camera Lens Filter:
• If your lens filter drops it may get scratched or break BUT without it, your front lens element will scratch or break. The replacement of a lens filter is far cheaper than replacing your camera.
• You can clean the filter often and not damage the lens surface or coatings. It is much easier to replace a scratched filter due to cleaning than to replace your camera lens (if the lens is even repairable).
• A lens filter protects the front of the lens from getting scuffed, scratched, nicked or even cracked if there is blowing sand or other abrasive particles around.
An absolute must lens filter to use is a clear lens filter (also referred to as window glass filters or optical flats lens). This lens filter will in no way alter your images and its specialized purpose is to protect your camera lens. There are many more types of lens filters available which we stock, in a number of top excellent brands such as Canon (eg. the Canon 58mm Screw-in Filter) , Hoya (eg. the Hoya Pro ND8 67mm Filter) and Nikon (eg. the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 16-85mm f3.5-5.6G DX ED VR) to name but a few.

We strongly recommend that you have lens filters as part of your camera gear. Why don’t you go ahead and browse through our large choice of camera lenses. You will find one that is perfect for you!