Flashlights / Torches


A flashlight (also called a torch) is a portable hand-held electric light. The light usually originates from an incandescent light bulb or light-emitting diode (LED). There are many adaptations that have been made to the general flashlight so as to cater to any instance where one may be needed.

At Cameraverse we stock a wide range of general flashlights as well as ones in various formats. In addition to this, we sell some of the best flashlights with specialized designs for particular purposes.

A few variations that we stock

• Pen-sized flashlights ( also called Penlights)
• Headlamp or helmet-mounted flashlights ideal for campers, photographers and cyclists to name but a few.
• Underwater flashlights.
• Tactical lights which can be mounted to a handgun or rifle or used as a self-defense device
• LED flashlights
• Spotlight bar
• Flashlights (torches) with rechargeable kits
• Maglites


Which is best to use in Night Photography – Flashlight or Headlamp?


For the night photographer, having the right gear can be crucial to a successful photographic outing after dark. A Flashlight is the night photographer’s multipurpose tool. A red, green, or blue one will protect your night vision—or one that changes color. You need a flashlight for adjusting camera settings on external switches and dials, assisting your autofocus, light painting, finding equipment in your camera bag, and not stepping into that deep, muddy ditch!


The Headlamp has the same function and does the same kind of things for you that a flashlight will do, except it allows you to do those things while keeping your hands free. Of course, if you are photographing at night with others it would be best to remain aware and conscious of the effect that your headlamp will have on their images and night vision. Also, a bright headlamp would not be suitable for those times that you are trying to move around in the dark discreetly.


Large selection of Flashlights, Torches, Headlamps etc for your specific needs

As with all things in photography, there are situations where a flashlight would be best and others where a headlight would be preferred. We suggest you have a look through our extensive range of Flashlights, Maglites, Tactical lights (to name but a few) that we sell as well as the accessories. You will most certainly find a few items which suit your specific requirements.