Camera Light Meters

A light meter is a device that measures the amount of light to determine the proper exposure settings for a scene. At Cameraverse our light meters (also called a photography light meter or an exposure meter) are of the best available in the world.

All digital cameras have a built-in camera light meter which is a reflected light meter. Reflected light meters, such as those digital camera light meters, show the best exposure for “average” scenes. 

In a scene with predominantly light colors or spectacular highlights a hand-held light meter (also called an incident light meter) would work better because the incident light reading is independent of the subject’s reflectance. It measures the light falling on an object so it is less likely to result in incorrect exposure for subjects with unusual average reflectance. Because of this, your sunset photos will not appear badly underexposed due to the reflective light in your camera getting fooled by the brightness of the setting sun.

Advanced cameras offer some sort of Auto Exposure Lock (also called AE Lock, Exposure Memory Lock or EV Lock). This AEL makes it possible to zoom in on a subject or approach the subject so that you can get light meter readings of an exposure value specifically from the desired area of the subject. What this means is that you can now photograph the whole subject with that value now locked in the complete subject area at that exposure.

Cameraverse's Top 5 recommended light meters:

  1. Sekonic L-308s Flashmate
  2. Sekonic L-308DC DigiCine Mate
  3. Sekonic C-700 Spectro Master
  4. Sekonic C-500R Prodigi Color
  5. Sekonic L-758Cine Digital Master

We have a number of other light meters for sale. You will most certainly find the right light meter for your specific photography needs.