Camcorders / Video Cameras

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Digital camcorders

What do I need to consider in buying a digital camcorder?

We urge you to read this article on what you need to consider when buying a digital camcorder. It provides a detailed description of factors such as:

  • Interchangeable lens Camcorders versus Compact Camcorders
  • Camcorder Lens Quality
  • Camcorder lens size
  • Camcorders with built-in projectors
  • Camcorder image resolution
  • Camcorder Sensors
  • Flip-out LCD monitors
  • Electronic Image Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization
  • Camcorder Full-Auto Switch
  • Camcorder Autofocus
  • Camcorder optical zoom and Camcorder digital zoom
  • Camcorder 3D Capability
  • Camcorder Viewfinder
  • Camcorder Wi-Fi
  • Camcorder brands
  • Low light shooting and camcorder light sensitivity
  • Camcorder Audio quality & camcorder microphones. 
  • Camcorder Recording Format
  • Camcorder Digital Video Formats
  • MiniDV / HDV format Video Tapes
  • Camcorder Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
  • Non Removable Camcorder Flash Memory Chips
  • Removable Camcorder Flash Memory Storage
  • Camcorder MicroSD Cards
  • Camcorder CompactFlash (CF) cards
  • Camcorder Memory sticks
  • Camcorder Time Code
  • Camcorder IEEE 1394 interface
  • Capturing still images with Camcorder
  • Camcorder Battery Life
  • Camcorder Accessory Shoes