Camcorder Lenses & Other Accessories

Camcorder Lenses & Other Accessories covers all gear for camcorders other than the camcorder itself.

In terms of camcorder lenses, we need to make a clear distinction between three groups of lenses:

1. Still photography lenses (the majority) - these are placed in the (still image) Lenses Category.

2. Photographic lenses used largely on DSLRs or Mirroless Interchangeable Lens Cameras that are great for both photographs & cinematography. These lenses often fit directly on to a DSLR and have an available connection that you can buy (e.g. Zeiss lens gear) that allows them to attach to a camcorder. These too will be found in the lenses category as they are still used predominantly for this purpose.

3. Cinematography specific lenses that fit directly on to camcorders, are created with optics that specifically have movies / video in mind, and often come with several different connectors. These cinematography lenses are the ones that you will find in the Camcorder lenses & Other Accessories category.