Body Worn Cameras

Welcome to Q Branch. Hidden beneath the Cameraverse store is our secret lab filled with spy cam and body worn cam devices and equipment. Knock three times on the door beneath the stairs, utter the secret password and enter.

Cameraverse has a wide variety of surveillance equipment for your home or office, even outdoors. Our mini surveillance cameras come disguised in a variety of everyday clothing accessory items that no-one will suspect contains a hidden camera. Do you need to secretly record activities at your home or office, and look fabulous while you do it? Cameraverse stocks a selection of discreet mini-spy gadgets you can wear, such as sunglasses, pocket cameras, and watch cameras. Become your own undercover secret agent or private detective, and look super cool at the same time. For all your covert security requirements look no further than Cameraverse – if you need it, we’ve probably got it. Search our online catalogue for the best deals in home or office surveillance at the best online prices.